10 on Tuesday vol. 2

OK, so I kinda blew the whole posting more often since here it is a week later and I only posted
ONCE and it was actually this morning. But I am holding strong and I am going to get this thing
down!! So Here we go...

1. Remember that medication I told you about in my last 10 on Tue. post? Yeah well I gave up
on it. I was on it for a week and a half, I only lost 2 and a half pounds and it made it extremely
hard to sleep at night. I may try again when I am in a better place in my self control situation!!

2. I started a new book on our trip. Busy Bee Lauren recommended it. It's kinda different in a
demon hunting, monster killing sort of way, but it's a good escape and who doesn't love a good
escape. You can read about it here.

3. Sam is home "sick" today. I didn't want to fight with her about her NOT being sick so I let her
stay home. Does that make me a bad mom?

4. I ate a Lean Cuisine for lunch, It was yummy and only 360 calories. I felt good that I had a low
calorie nutritious lunch so I treated myself to half a bag of Reisen Chocolates. I SUCK!

5. When Brett got home from school today I asked him how school was he gave me his usual
"fine" I then came back with "how was PE" (he was really worried about starting PE this
semester because he says he's not a "sports kid") He then said "good, I ran the mile today, I was
second place I did it in 9 min and 16 seconds." WOW!! I was so surprised, I don't think I could
run a 9 min mile right now!! I literally teared up with pride!!

6. "Nose Nose" (that is what we do at our house instead of "eskimo kisses"

7. I got my highest score ever on scrabble this weekend(the real one not on xbox,
I have rocked the 400's on xbox but you kinda get to cheat on there!!) it was 367.
That is pretty high if you ask me!! I rock the 2 letter words!!

8. I used the last of my bread bags that I bought when I started making bread in May of last
year. That means I have made more that 100 loaves of bread!!

9. I am having a bit of a hard time getting back to reality after my heavenly weekend away with
the love of my life. we had so much fun and it was so amazing to reconnect. We need to do that
more often.

10. If there is some generous reader out there who would like to be my patron and purchase any
or all of the things on my amazon wish list you can go here. Kthanksbye!

Good night to all! Have a nice Tuesday!


Andrew and Heidi said...

I forgot to mention that now that we are students of the fabulous David Skouson we are doing Junior Festival as well! Taylor picked a great song and nailed it within 2 days....I don't know how more times I can listen to it before I go nuts!!

And you're wish list reminds me of a photog question I had about filters....do you use them all the time or only certain shots? I bought a UV filter myself and don't really know if I can tell a difference....

Kim Marx said...

Make you a killer deal... i'll cover your wish list if you take care of mine: http://www.salviharpsinc.com/HarpDianaSalvi.htm

DEVYN said...

Two words CU TE