11 years young!!


I can't believe that I am old enough to have an 11 year old, but then again I was ONLY 20 when gave birth to this boy. This boy wanted nothing more than an IPod touch for his birthday so much that he did nothing but clean my house for 2 weeks solid. I never did a dish or vacuumed a carpet!! He pretty much figured that since he didn't ask for anything else that he would get said IPod. I decided to disguise it when we gave it to him. I cut out a compartment of sorts in a book and stashed it in there and then wrapped it. The look on his face was priceless when he opened "A BOOK?!?" then when I said Open the book this was the truly priceless face!!

See the atrocity of a thing behind Brett...Stay tuned, exciting things happening at the Conks this week!


We had Grandma & Papa and Grandie & Gramps over for dinner and cake and Ice Cream, It was a fun Birthday!



Melanie said...

Happy Birthday to Brett!!

~madison~ said...

Thats what I wanted! I guess that anything is possible!!!! I'm happy with the sewing machine that Grandie and Gramps got me too!!!!!!

Lisa said...

i am so glad brett got his ipod!! all that cleaning paid off!! i forgot to tell him happy birthday when i saw him so give him a big hug from me. 11 years old! i suddenly feel really old.