35 Things I love about My 35 Year Old

Terry Turned 35 this past week and it true Blog fashion I decied to do a things I love about....

Terry Kay Conk


He'll probably make me remove this because he is a booger when it comes to stuff like this but enjoy it while you can!!

35. He looks great in jeans!
34. He is a fun Dad, and loves to make the kids laugh!
33. He is a loving Dad and always shows the kids they are loved.
32. He thinks of me first and always wants me to be happy.
31. He has a way of making me feel like I am the most amazing person (which I know I'm not)
30. He has the most amazing brain. Smart is an understatement.
29. He is the only one I could ever be married to. No one would have the patience with me that he does.
28. There is nothing he can't do, when he sets his mind to it, even if that means staying up all hours of the night.
27. He has the cutest dimples.
26. He makes the cutest babies with me.
25. He honors his priesthood and uses it to bless our family.
24. He likes my cooking, which is saying a lot because it really is nothing special!
23. He is an extremely hard worker.
22. He is my best friend, I can tell him ANYTHING!
21. He makes music that makes my heart flutter.
20. He plays with his kids and likes it.
19. He helps the kids with their homework.
18. He has patience with the kids especially when I have lost mine.
17. He like to snuggle (shh don't tell anyone)
16. I don't have to move my seat forward after he drives my car.
15. He never eats the candy in the house (this can be a bad thing too, considering my ever expanding hips)
14. He reads (nothing sexier)
13. He is funny and always makes me smile.
12. He loves my family and likes to hang with them, this is huge because I know so many that have their spouses not get along with their family and it causes problems!
11. He's ticklish (in certain spots)
10. He likes to travel, especially with me!
9. He doesn't make me watch sports.
8. He's sexy.
7. He still find me attractive even though my 120lb size 6 behind has expanded to a.....never mind.
6. He likes to take me out on dates.
5. He has given 2 of my kids his amazing blue eyes.
4. He lives up to all my expectations and the jumps over them to go above and beyond.
3. He makes my heart jump when he comes home after being at work all day.
2. He loves ME!
1. He always makes me smile even if he doesn't see!

I thought of a bunch more after I wrote this, I'll Have to save it for next year!!

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