General Conference October 2012

Have no idea what General Conference is, check it out ...here

While we enjoy getting dressed up in our fancy duds every Sunday, it's kinda nice when we have what we call "Jammie Church" twice a year.  We get to have a whole weekend where we hear the words of our prophet and leaders through the modern technology of television and internet!  I try to have some kinds of busy hand work for me and the kids while we watch because if their hands are busy then they aren't fighting with their siblings!  I didn't have much on hand and lack of preparation caused me to get creative.  The kids wanted to do clay but I know how that goes with the expensive modeling clay that Sam and I usually like to use.  I grabbed my cream of tartar and food coloring and whipped up some homemade playdough.  There were full minutes of fun! (just kidding, they were occupied for the entirety of the Conference!

Sam used her modeling clay to create this tiny model of the prophet speaking at the pulpit! So cute and only about an inch tall!

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