Thankful Thursday & 52 | 2012 - Texture

Since I am totally lame and can't seem to get my butt with it enough to get a real blog post together I am just combining these two post...lucky you, you get a 2fer!!   It's been a while since I have done a Thankful Thursday post so I though I would do one to kick off of the month of thankfulness.  So here is what I am thankful for this Thursday!

1.  Halloween is over.  HALLELUJAH!! I always go into this holiday with high hopes but am totally candy corned and fake blooded out by the big night!

2.  I found the plug in my house where I can vacuum the majority of my house without moving outlets.

3.  The temperatures have cooled to delightfully perfect weather!

4. It's cool enough to start my Starbucks hot chocolate habit back up.

5.  My sister who went to Costco and bought 8 cans of said hot chocolate for me because I was worried they would run out!

6.  My new dishwasher that is patiently awaiting installation in my garage.

7.  The satisfaction of accomplishing my to do list today.

8.   My new iPhone and the lovely photos it takes!

The theme for this week was texture and I have been playing a lot lately with light and not making everything all even light with perfect Martha Stewart light!  Thanks a lot Wendy, for some reason I am trying to step out of my box and I'm not likin it!! It's scary outside of my nice well evenly lit box!  But every once in a while I find a shot that makes me go, ok that's kinda cool.....so totally not me, but cool none the less!  This was one of those shots.  The morning sun was streaming in my front window lighting up my little girl and her breakfast!  I though the texture created in this photo by the shadows was pretty neat!!

Up next week - Wind

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Heather M. said...

beautiful photo! good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone - wendy's been making me do that too. ;)

and #1 - i totally agree! soooooo glad Halloween is over. fellow halloween grinches unite! ;)

Just Rhonda said...

That shot TOTALLY has texture in the lights and darks!! Isn't it so good and so hard that Wendy pushes us out of our comfort zones?!

Jean said...

love the light!

man, speaking of finding an outlet. i need to vacuum as well! ha.

Amanda Kelley said...

Love this Thankful Thursday posts. Something I would love to join in, if somehow my schedule had some wiggle room---still a bit crazy busy.

Oh and I am so jealous of finding that outlet you can vaccumm almost the entire area you need too. My husband convinced me to buy a Dyson ball and that vaccumm has shortest cord known to man. Sad. And who is stuck vaccumming with the vaccumm cleaner my husband just had to have? I miss our cheap Bissel.

Hanne said...

Beautiful light in this photo!! Wow - two post in one! I do multitasking, too now and then!