52 | 2012 - On the Shelf

I can't seem to get it together lately! My life is going 90 million miles an hour in 6 different directions!  I had planned to get some shots of my girls new shelves that I put up, but their room has been a disaster for days now!  Then I thought of the really awesome shelves I am building but they are not even close to being completed (read:bout supplies for yet still in garage.)  So you get an old photo inspired by Michelle. 

06.08.10 That Girl
Mom: "Samantha please go clean your room"
Mom: "NOW!!!"
Sam: (stomps off to room)
1 hour later
Mom " Sam, I asked you to clean, what have you been doing in here for the past hour?"
Sam: I organized my books by color!


Next week's theme is Memories
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Jenn said...

So purdy. And organizing books by colour? She's a girl after my own heart. :)

Michelle said...

By color is the best way. For sure. :)

It's okay to let some things go when life gets too crazy. :) Do what you can and what's most important. Let go of the stuff that can wait (dusting, sweeping, fancy dinners). :) Life is seasons.

ZeldaMom said...

Ha, what is it with organizing by color!?
My daughter does the same thing, and would have done the same at the suggestion of cleaning her room. I organize my closet by color, but my books by author.

Jean said...

I know. I hope we get out tonight for shelves, too! It's a rainy day & house projects are never ending.

i love organizing by colors, too! ;)

Amanda Kelley said...

I love this!! The narrative perfect! Kids are awesome. And yep I tried to carve out tone for linking and ended settling for a Thursday night wing it. Next week right? :)

Tracey said...

Doesn't it make you feel so organized when the books are organized?! At least she was being productive! :)

Rose said...

Messy for DAYS? Try WEEKS. It's a sad state of affairs over here and how am I dealing with it tomorrow?

we're going to the Zoo.

And on another note, I've ALWAYS wanted to organize my books by color - I love the idea and it would take my just as long. If not longer... :)