Always Behind

Do you ever feel like you're forgetting something?  I do! CONSTANTLY!  For some reason this school year has really thrown me for a loop.  With 4 kids in different schools and start and finish times, then add in after school activities and schedules, I can barely keep up!  I was talking to a friend and I was telling her about something that happened this summer in Oregon and I said "Well you probably saw it on my blog" then it hit me...I still haven't blogged this summer.  I haven't blogged school starting or our trip to California or Halloween.  Thanksgiving is quickly approaching with Christmas right behind and here I sit, not even caught up to JUNE!  Oh my, I'm in trouble!  I haven't taken photos of my daily life with my big camera in ages.  I do love instagram because it helps me keep the little day to days recorded.  Here is what my October looked like!  Maybe I'll get caught up by the end of the year!  

p.s. Don't mind that there are 4 days of cupcakes in my month, or that Bonnie gets the most camera time, it's just the way the cookie crumbles (or cupcake for that matter)


Michelle said...

That is part of the reason I quit blogging. It just felt like a to-do that never got done and was always hanging over my head. It's much nicer to just keep up with everybody on Instagram. :)

Not that I'm implying you should stop blogging. I'm just lazy and sharing what has worked for me. ;)

Heidi said...

I love this app too - so fun to see a month of pics. How did you get it as an image to share on the blog? I haven't quite figured that out yet.

k8theriver said...

I'm about two years behind.