Ch-Ch- Ch-Changes

Hi, Ya'll!
How's it hanging? Life is one big ball of craziness here but more on that later! I mentioned in my previous post that big changes were in store for the Conk family so I figured I would let you all in on the deal-io!! Well some of you may already know but we are moving...YES MOVING!! After much thought and prayer we have decided to move to Logandale. A teeny tiny little town about an hour out of town. Many of you know first hand or have heard about the struggling economy especially in the construction field. We as business owners have been hit hard and we need to downsize A LOT...and when I say A LOT I am not exaggerating!! We have bought a home to live in out in Logandale next door to Terry's parents. When I say home i use the term loosely, actually it is a 5th wheel travel trailer. We will be going from about 3,600 square feet in our current home to somewhere around 350 square feet. SEE!! I told you I wasn't exaggerating!! We will be staying poolside at the Casa de Conk and while we will have all the amenities afforded us by out generous parents we will still have a place to call our own! We will miss so much about the city but think this really is the best thing for our family. It is going to be a big adjustment for everyone involved but I believe that it will bring us so much closer together as a family and require so much more of us that we can be a stronger family unit.

Since January 1st I have been racking my brain to come up with my word for the year and when we made this decision the word was chosen for me...


We will be simplifying every aspect of our lives, from the amount of clothing and furniture we have to the commitments and responsibilities that cause us to have so much stress in these tough times. A big part of my stress is caring for this ginormous house with very little cooperation from the children! I won't have to scream and yell at the kids to clean their rooms because they won't have a room to clean!! Family time will take on a whole new meaning! We are really excited and look forward to the change and see it as a wonderful opportunity. We have been so blessed in our lives and through this whole experience we see even more blessings coming our way!

So about this trailer, I have big plans for it, I really want to Kristin-ify (totally a word!) and make it a place I am excited to spend time in. We are going to paint and do some refurnishing, as well as some rockin accessorizing!! I plan to document all of this here if I can in between getting ready to sell my entire life at the moving sale of the century (which, if you are local, should totally be on you calendar because I have some really nice stuff that we will be selling CHEAP!) and packing the rest of our belongings away to be seen another day! Again we are so thankful for the love and support given to us by the friends and family that have supported us through all of this and know that the Lord will bless them for their kindness! I love my blog readers and I will not abandon you, I'll be here, probably more that usual, with totally random, lame, to much info, personal, soul exposing posts since I will be living no where near a Target I'll have lots of free time! I hope you'll stick around and love me even though I may be saying ya'll a lot more (it's a small town thing...right? I want to fit in!! haha!!)
Love you!!

p.s. since I have been absent so much here is a list of posts in the works, i expect you to hold me to getting them up on here...kthanksbye!
1. Brett b-day
2. Sam's b-day/valentines party (which is what those super cute cupcakes were from)
3. Terry b-day
4. It's a freaking month of birthdays around here so you may end up with 1 GIANT post with 1, 2, & 3 all in one post!
The End...for reals this time, I'm going to bed...goodnight! Seriously stop reading, I'm done typing, this post is OVER!

Oh my I can't leave you without a picture so I give you the cutest 3 year old EVER (well, since Sam was 3)

2.4.11 Lovey


Melanie said...

Sounds like a new adventure! You have such a good attitude about the changes. I hope that simplifying will be a huge blessing for your family. We love you! How far is it off the freeway? Maybe we can stop by on our next trip to Utah.

Anonymous said...

Wowzee! Big changes! Your word of the year makes me exhale a big huge sigh of something, relief? I really believe that downsizing it actually a huge blessing and your family is going to be BLESSED hugely! You guys get to experience life with all the american distractions stripped right away. And no nagging the kids to clean their rooms...?! Dreamy. ;)
I can't wait to see your new home all Kristinfied. :)

Andrew & Heidi said...

Will you still be coming to town for photo shoots? I sure hope so!!! Please keep me posted on the date of your big estate sale.

k8theriver said...

I don't want to move into a 5th wheel but i do need something to force me to simplify.
so, what is your plan? you're not always going to be trailer trash. is there a time frame?

Darci Buhl said...

I taught Sam's class on Sunday and she mentioned that you guys were moving! I think it's great(not that you're moving, just that you're doing what's best for you). We lived in a trailer when I was a kid and my parents were building(for 3 YEARS!), and some of my best memories are from that time. Such a small space forces you to get creative!
If you need any help with packing/etc. just let me know! Good luck:)

Pam said...

wow...you are a brave woman! and i'm a bit envious of you. i wonder sometimes what it would be like to not have all these distractions in our lives and family, but i don't think i could ever take the huge step that you guys are. i like having this big house to hide in sometimes. :) good luck to you and your family...it will be an adventure for sure!

becky said...

How scary and exciting at the same time. I'm with you - so over all the extras laying around! This will be a true test to your spirit (and your marriage, haha) but I know you can do it!!!! Good luck!!!

Rachel said...

Please say your normal and you have been bawling about this. ;) I am glad you are being positive it really helps. If you ever need anything let me know I would love to help in anyway I can. You are moving into an AMAZING ward. At first I didn't think as much but by the time I left it was much better. If I could find a house in that ward again I totally would.

Lisa said...

Let me know if you need any help with anything. We are so excited to have you guys closer!

Katie Morgan said...

That actually sounds kinda fun. My parents just bought a 5th wheel and I'd love to live in it. Has everything you need! I wish you all the best of luck and enjoy your adventure!!! :)