I know I have been such a slacker when it comes to blogging lately, especially in my 10 on Tuesday's.

1. I am recommitting right now to being a better blogger!! It's funny how not writing for a while I feel totally out of practice and my mind is totally blank when it try to write ANYTHING. You'll notice my blog post below is still without description.

2. Bonnie said to me today "Mommy, why you got poka nuts (polka dots) all over you face?" I love her! (freckles for those of you who have only seen my photoshopped face!)

3. Kindergarten Graduation was a heart wrenching thing. I would love nothing better than to keep Colby frozen in time. It was really hard to get a good shot, even though Colby was in the front row, they put him behind the projector.


It was really cute they had all of the graduates tell their name and what they want to be when they grow up. There are going to be lots of veterinarians and ninja's but only one Monster Truck Driver, MINE!!!

4. I grabbed a few shots after the ceremony back in the classroom of Colby and some of his buddies and the best kindergarten teacher in the whole world! We wish she could move on up to 1st grade.


5. We popped in to give a little something to Sam's teacher who just happens to be the best 4th grade teacher EVER!!

6. The last day of school was a happy day all around! We celebrated the end of a successful school year with ice cream sundae's. It was really fun and really hard to refrain from partaking in the deliciousness. So I didn't refrain, I partook. (hangs head in shame)

06.02.10 Last Day of School Sundae's

7. When I picked Brett up from school I asked him how hi did on the finals for the day (English and PE) he said "I think i nailed my english exam" I said "and PE?" his response was "I totally bombed that one, i didn't know any of the answers!" The kid has a 100% in the class but he bombed the final!! I think there is something wrong with the system here!

8.Mom: "Samantha please go clean your room"
Mom: "NOW!!!"
Sam: (stomps off to room)
1 hour later
Mom " Sam, I asked you to clean, what have you been doing in here for the past hour?"
Sam: I organized my books by color!

What am I going to do with this child?
06.08.10 That Girl

9. I headed up to St. George for the day on Friday to second shoot that wedding with the amazing Melissa Jill. I enjoyed so much shooting with Melissa, she is such an inspiration. I hope I can someday be 1/10th of the photographer/businesswoman she is! It was so much fun, a super fun bride and groom and a beautiful venue. I will do a full blog post later this week but here is a teaser for ya!


10. Just after I passed through Mesquite on my way home from the wedding I was stopped by traffic. I turned the car off at 10:09 pm, when I realized that I wasn't going anywhere, and a called Terry to tell him I wasn't going to be home for a while. I updated my facebook status and had a response from my big bro who was also stuck in the same traffic jam. He had a bit more info than I did. There was 3 separate accidents causing the traffic back up, the particular accident stopping us was 5 motorcycles that had been plowed down by a minivan. It took just under 5 hours to get through the traffic 4 and a half hours of that i was parked. It was a very long night. I didn't make it home until almost 4 in the morning, after shooting a wedding, to say i was knackered would be a gross understatement!!

I actually made it to 10 YEAH!!! It's been a long day and I have so many more things to blog about but I will save it for my newly recommitted bloging!!
G'night All!

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