10 on Tuesday

1. Terry has left me for his High Adventure Scout Camp in Escalante. He will be gone until Saturday night. I leave for Oregon on Thursday so we will not be together again until he comes to the ranch on the 4th of July. That's 21 days apart. THREE WEEKS. What the heck was I thinking when I made these plans.

2. I have just discovered BONES. I started season one last week while editing photo shoots and am already half way though season two. I'm totally addicted! Netflix is the off season TV watchers best friend.

3. If you are friends with my Mom on Facebook send her a love note. She had surgery and needs all the love she can get, it will help her heal faster, then she can come play with me in Oregon!! If your not friends with her, friend her, NOW!

4. I'M A MAC, I'M A MAC, I'M A MAC, I'M A MAC!!!

5. I got my off camera lighting equipment in the mail last week. I am having so much fun playing and learning how to use it, I wish i had more time to mess with it! I will post pics when I get time for a "real" set up and shoot! I did take 1 shot for my photo a day with it.
06.10.10 OCF!!
I need to work on it, I know but it's really fun!

6. My iPad came last week on Thursday. I did my first photo proofing session on it and it went great. I just need to get on designing the app I have in my head for proofing! Then I will be a go-zillionaire. Anybody know how to make a app? I'll give you a % of the zillions of $$$ I will make with my awesome-tastic app!

7. Since my iPad cam it has hardly been left alone. We sat down the other day and watched UP on Netflix. The quality is like watching a blue ray!

06.09.10 New Toy

8. I am packing for my big ol trip and wishing I had really cute luggage to take with me, I saw some at TJMaxx and am REALLY having a hard time not going back to buy them!! Why is it when funds are at their lowest I want to spend the most!

9. I am still trying to find a substitute for my Primary class on Sunday, it seems every body is either out of town or has another class to teach. If you are in my ward and want to save me please call me!

10. I'm going to go crawl into my very lonely empty bed now and try to sleep with out my space heater. Maybe I'll take a sleeping pill. G'night all!


karibates said...

Kristin - you crack me up! Did you really just blog that you got your off-camera lighting AND and i-pad and then complain about funds being too low for luggage?

LOVE your baby in white - so sweet! I can't wait to see what else you do with your new stuff :)

Gerry Z said...

I have a guy in my ward that does apps for iPhone and stuff. I bet that he knows what to do or who to call.