Random Bits of Summer Goodness

As I was preparing for this post I came up with numerous titles. Let me start by prefacing that I blog because I don't seem to have time to scrapbook and eventually all of my blogs are put into a blurb book at the end of each year to chronicle our life with [4] conk kids!
Alternate title #1 "CAUTION---PHOTO OVERLOAD"
Alternate #2 "Bonus Features"
Like on a DVD, the added material that only true enthusiasts will find interesting with more information than anyone can find interesting other than the maker of said "bonus material" and not good enough to MAKE IT into the original movie!
Alternate #3 "I have the cutest kids in the world"
Alternate #4 "I have 4000 pictures from this summer and have no where to put them!"
So there you have it, my explanation of the post in 4 alternative titles! So buckle up because you are about to embark on a VERY LONG blog post with and gross overabundance of pictures. If you are not a "true enthusiast" you may want to came back on another day when you wont have to scroll through 35 pictures of my family, I'M NOT KIDDING 35 PICTURES!
(If you happen to notice there is a lot of pictures of Bonnie it's because she will finally smile for the camera and not run and lick my lens so i have taken advantage of capturing her like never before!!

Picture #1 --The Bonster glowing in the beautiful sunset light after a fun day of swimming at Grandmas in the fabulous summer heat----I know you don't think the heat is that fabulous but you may be looking for it next February and wishing for a bit of that fading summer sun!

Picture #2 -- Colby In Oregon. Colby learned to ride a bike taught by his big brother, what a great big brother (he taught Sam too) I didn't get of picture of him on his bike but here is on 2 other kind of wheels.

Picture #3-- Bonnie --I just love those skinny little legs poking out the bottom of that swi-soot!

Picture #4 The swings were a huge hit this summer in Oregon

#5 Quite possibly I have the goofiest 11 year old there ever WAS!! (and I love you can see the ever present sunburn Brett had this summer, he was under the impression a "tan" makes you look tough, what he doesn't realize is that a sunburn does the opposite.

#6 Bubbles and Sammy JO, I love how her nose is wrinkled up, it reminds me she's just a little kid, sometime I forget that and I expect too much of her. I'm going to work on that!

#7 Kids and Cam, the kids love that dang dog, so i will put up with him even though he makes me sneeze and my eyes water!

#8 Bonnie eating CHIP!! This was the dinner she ordered pizza, all by herself (she's not even 2 people!)

#9 I am putting this picture in because of Colby's "spikeys" he loves his hair done in spikeys, it take time due to a cowlick so it doesn't happen very often.

#10 or was it 11, O CRAP, I'm loosing count already, I better stop counting
Just me "by the river"

OK, I know not all of you will appreciate this but It needs to be documented so that he will stop telling me he needs to "cut back" come on already babe, your waisting away! And check out the manly wound on his leg from his high adventure scout camp!

My boy, 3 days before starting middle school, scared and in desperate need of a haircut! I love how you can see Sam in the background trying to ruin the picture, than heaven for shallow depth of field!

Colby and Nathan at Tuachan, Silly boys!

It has become the summer of "funny faces" for this little girl.

These are definately not the best pictures but I love what they capture, Colby trying to love in his baby sister and her pushing him away. Her favorite word is GOWAY right now, She won't be held by any one unless she want to!

My little beach bum! Bonnie loved the beach and being in her swi-soot! Terry took this picture and I love his eye for composition!

I can just smell the sunscreen when I look at this one.

Colby came out to the loft on day and said "Hey mom, do I look like a Army dude? Will you take my picture"

This baby has become the mother of all Mama's girls!

I love red, I love polkadots, I LOVE THIS GIRL!

Grandma has been crocheting like crazy this summer. She made this orange hat for Sam because she knows it's Sam's favorite color.

This picture makes me giggle because to the naked eye you think, here's Terry laughing and having a good time, but I know the truth, It's Terry saying through his teeth, "please don't take my picture

We ate LOTS of Dairy Queen this summer! Yummy dairy goodness!!

Somebody had a birthday this month!

Little things about these pictures is why I am document them, Like the fact that Bonnie's shoes are completely undone, she won't keep her shoes on and if they are they are unbuckled, she is such an independent child.

The river in the early morning light!

This is my favorite picture to close the summer, I loved how great these two got along this summer, they played together and had fun all summer long! It was out of the ordinary but I hope not forever. Someday I hope they will be as good of friend as they were this summer!


Heidi said...

Fun pictures Kristin -- and I read every word :). Did you get my email or are you at a different address now?

Melanie said...

I loved all of them and I really did look at every one! My favorite one is Terry's Teeth! I love family pictures where you know the secret of what's really behind the expression.

Janae said...

These are all really great pictures. I love how you were able to document your whole summer in one post:) I loved seeing all the pictures.
I finally tried your bread recipe. Delicious! Really a good one:) thanks.

Staci Leach said...

Very Cute..The one of Brett By the rier in the morning sun needs to be entered in the county fair this year!

Anonymous said...

luv to peek at your blog every once in a while. Your kids are so beautiful and I recognize the talent behind the pics. So fun.
Lynda Williams

DEVYN said...

So cute