First day and all that jazz

As many of you all have experienced over the last few weeks, we have had the pleasure of returning "Back to School" today. It was a bit different this year with Brett heading off to middle school this year. He has been dreading this day for Oh about a year now. I think it was actually the first day of school last year that he said, I DO NOT want to go to middle school next year. His anxieties were heightened when the "Scholastic News" did and issue focusing on bullies in 6th grade. He has been begging me for the past 7 or 8 months to home school him for this year. All of his fears and worries were set to rest today and he now knows that there is nothing to fear in 6th grade. He does think it's a bit confusing but that will pass in time. I am proud of him for not totally freaking out and making hard on me.
The first thing Brett said to me after I picked him up from school was "Mom, I'm going to get straight A's this year" to which he then added -"what would you get me?"
The best thing about today- Lockers and cute girls
(seriously? cute girls, DUDE your 11)
Samantha was a bit concerned about her teacher this year as well, she had heard that she was mean (strict = mean) I assured her she would be fabulous and I was right.
The first thing Sam said to me when I picked her up after school was "I LOVE MY TEACHER"
See, Mom's are always right!
The best thing about today - Recess

Our "baby" boy entered the public school system to which he lined up promptly to begin the next 13 years of his indoctrination. He was excited, much more than I was. I will miss my sweet boy coming up to me periodically through the day just to say I love you mom! It is only for 2 and 1/2 hours, so at least we still have our afternoons. Bonnie was lost without him this morning she just kept finding me this morning and saying with her hands up and a shoulder shrug "Co-by" She was soo happy when we picked him up and she said to him when we got in the car "missed you Co-by" (she did tell all the kids that today!)

When asked how was your first day Colby said "Good" with the least amount of excitement he could muster up! He then said "I missed you today mom"
That's ma'boy, I wouldn't say he's a mama's boy (but he is) While I was cutting his hair Sunday night I said to him "How 'bout you stay home from school this year and we will just tell people you are 4 years old and not ready for school yet?" He said "OK, if you want me to mom" How awesome is that, how many kids would be willing to pretend they are a year younger than they are just to make their mom happy!
The best thing about today- snacks
Well another year and more milestones for us. After dessert at Dairy Queen it was decided that all in all, it was a good First day!


Melanie said...

Hooray for a good first day for everyone! The pics turned out great and will be awesome keepsakes. The story about Bonnie missing Colby was so cute. Sometimes you just wish they wouldn't grow up. . . and then there are those other times when you can't wait!

Staci Leach said...

I too felt a little lost without Kyla! All the kids look adorable for the first day!

Janae said...

Great photos! I love it:)
We ended up at D.Q. also... a great way to celebrate the first day!

Michelle, Darin and boys said...

I love the stories from the first day! Brett's "cute girls" comment...lol, 11 going on 13! My Kindergartener's favorite thing about the day was also the snacks. In fact everyday he tells me what snack they had and who wasn't being a good listener & had to go to the time-out chair! Yup, it's a little sad...the kiddos are growing up and FAST!!!