We're Great and getting Greater!

I love our school! We have a fabulous principal and staff and a PTA that is awesome. We had our Back to School celebration and balloon launch on Friday morning where the Mrs. Douglas, the principal spoke and read a bit from Dr. Seuss' "Oh the Places You'll Go." Mrs Douglas had such a charismatic way to speak to and inspire these young children. Our school motto is "We're great and getting greater" and every Friday morning before school when the children line up to go into school each class takes turns giving and opening ceremony on different subjects but always end with and round of "We're great and getting greater!" All of the school kids and staff shout this out and is very powerful. I know that because of the commitment of the teachers and staff of this great school my kids will be better people!

The balloon launch is a special tradition reserved for back to school and this year we released over 1200 balloons. Each child and teacher and staff member had a balloon to let go and then there were extras there for the parents and other children that attended. There was also 3 yellow balloons to represent the police, firemen and troops who serve and protect.

It was an inspiring thing to be apart of while all these balloons went up in the air to hear all the children chanting

"We're great and getting greater"

"We're great and getting greater"

"We're great and getting greater"

I searched and searched for Samantha in the crowd of kids but I couldn't find here to get some shots of her but I had fun with Colby as he got to experience this great ceremony!


Angie said...

That is so neat! What a great idea, very inspiring!

Staci Leach said...

So Cute, I love Colby's smile when he gets that excited!

Shalae said...

It was my first year attending the Back to School Celebration, and it was really cool! BTW, i LOVE your pictures . . . you are one talented lady!