One Last Jaunt

*Prepare for picture OVERLOAD*
I actually filled a 2gig memory card!!
We decided to take the kids down to California for one last summer getaway before school starts. We took the toy hauler and stayed in Escondido. We went to the beach and Bonnie got to feel the ocean for the first time. She loved it but not as much a s she loved the sand. I think the beach is a bit shy of some sand since Bonnie decided she liked the taste!
Brett enjoyed digging! The water was a bit cold for him. But not Samantha, stay tuned for some video of her boogie boarding!!
I had some fun with the beautiful sunset!

There was a playgound at the trailer park and Bonnie had her first swing!

We spent Friday at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.
Colby got his Snake on!

Sam got her butterfly on!

We saw some cool animals!

We all loved the Lorakeets!

It was a great weekend and I got to do some serious IKEA shoppin!!


*austyn* said...

how fun!!! i just wanted you to know that my fav pic is the one of the sunset. it looks like it came from a magazine!! :)

Lisa said...

Looks like you all had a fun getaway! Such cute pictures.

Big Dog said...

Guess who? Looks like the good life where is the pictures of you and TK