12 on the 12th Sort of...

So I thought for my 12 on the 12th I would do a house edition with my favorite things about our new house. I went around the house taking picture after picture thinking ok I better go make dinner now, I'm sure I got 12 things for my blog post. Here I am 10:30 at night and I only got 9. I did take about 45 pictures but only 9 worked! So here goes...
1. My new end table for the loft (man Target Rocks!!)
2. The awesome scrapbook desk my honey worked his fanny off building (see previous post on just how much fanny he worked off!!)
3. Although I do love Colby he is not part of my favorite HOUSE things but the light shining on his face sure is. I think that is probably my most favorite thing about this house!! I get great light ALL DAY!!
4. The 2-way staircase.
5. MY new LG washer and dryer. They sing to me!
6. The tile mosaic in the powder room.
7. Double ovens. How did I ever live with out these?
8. Family room ceiling fan, function and beauty combined!
9. Towel cabinet. It's not really the cabinet but the fact that I now have storage under my sink!

There you have it, 9 of my favorite things in our new house!! I may add more after I actually get this thing put together!! Somebody pray for me to have patience!!


k8theriver said...

can't wait to see more.

Shannon said...

I've got to swing by & check out what you've done! I'm sure it looks fabulous!