First Day!

Yesterday was the first day of school as most of you know and have all sent you kiddos back to school. Ours started at 3:00 am when Samantha woke up throwing up. I tell you what if there is a virus to be found she's will find it! The puking lasted until about 6:00 am or so. We figured that she would probably miss her first day of school but that stubborn child was NOT going to miss the 1st day of school. She was peaked and weak but she made it with a grin on her face. She came home will all sorts of stories about her wonderful new teacher and was so excited for the upcoming year. She also declared that she was going for "Perfect" attendance this year. Well it was day #2 today and she has already blown perfect attendance. She woke up with pink eye today, like i say if there was an illness to be found she will find it. So after a visit to Dr. Rob's today she should be back at school by Thursday.

Brett on the other hand had quite a different first day. He was so nervous to start at a new school this year and not really knowing anyone made things much worse. I sent him off not with a grin like Sam but with a scowl. I thought "He'll be fine and I'm sure have a great day." Not so much....When I picked him up there was no declaration of trying to achieve perfect attendance, but a declaration that "I'm never going back to 5th grade, I hate it and it is way too hard!" I didn't let him stay home though I did send him today thinking surely today would be better. UMMM.....Not so much, he still hates it and thinks it is way too hard. I was able to get a small smile for ONE and only ONE picture!


Angie said...

They look so cute! They sound just like mine. Maleah loves her teacher so much she doesn't want to come home and Josh just mumbles and complains about it all, mostly inaudible. It sounds like they are all age appropriate.

Donna Boucher said...

Your Brett does look like Katie! Too cute.
What a darling picture.

I'm sorry Brett is off to a rocky start.
I hope he finds something to like about school.

Recess? Lunch?