Happy Mother's Day!

Just a quick shout out to all you mama's out there. I hope all of you have had a wonderful, uplifting and relaxing day. I have to say my day has just been so pleasant. I started out getting ready for church and was surprised with breakfast, which was just wonderful considering I usually am lucky to get a granola bar on Sunday's. (you know 4 kids to get ready and a sharing time to finalize all with early church makes no time for breakfast.) I was totally prepared for sharing time today with the exception of sharpened pencils (which the kids took care of for me) and so the morning went rather smoothly. Church was just great. The kids sang so beautifully to me with the primary. Sharing time went great. We came home and my wonderful husband gave me his extra half of his Bobby Sandwich (cappriottis) because i ate both halves of mine yesterday! I have been relaxing on the couch all day only to be interrupted with a wonderfully prepared dinner ala Terry!! What a great day!

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