12 on the 12th

Ok, so maybe it's only 10 but hey 12 different pictures on the same day, which 75% of that day consisted of cleaning is really hard! I guess I could have set the self timer and ya'll could have seen me rockin' out with my Ipod on!! I think I may change it to 10 on the 10th or maybe even 5 on the 5th!! Well anyway I tried, here goes....

My wonderful Mother's Day gifts.

(By the way thanks Becky and Michelle for the lovely cards!)


Wait a minute aren't you only 6 months old!!


More Homework!! Who doesn't love Judy Blume?

Violin Recital

Sam also received a Superior at her Junior Festival Great job Sis!!

More Violin Shots


Dinner after the recital at Fazoli's


Our next budding musician

Hope you enjoyed!!

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