Staff Development Day + Bored Kids = Pizza!!

The kids were home today because of a staff development day so we spent the morning cleaning (my usual job on Monday) which went rather quickly thanks to Brett's new favorite pass time, vacuuming. I told the kids after we got the house cleaned and all of their instruments practiced we would go to the movie. Well with that motivation they got the cleaning done in record time which left us with an extra hour and a half until the movie. I was reading on one of the blogs I read about activities to do with kids in the house and there was a recipe for pizza with biscuit dough. It was really easy and we had all of the ingredients so we turned out kitchen into a pizza parlor. It was loads of fun. I got a few ok shot of our creations!!
Rolling out the biscuits

Putting on the sauce


More Cheese!

Ready to bake

(the square one is Brett's, funny kid)


OK, so looking back at these picutes it looks like my kids were really miserable (with the exception of the last one) buit I promise it was fun they were just really serious about getting the pizza making right!!

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Shari said...

This is such a great (and easy) idea to do with kids! I am going to definitely do it one day this week. The kids will LOVE it!!!

You captured some great story telling images of it too!