Desert Strings

Samantha had a violin recital with her group the "Desert Strings" on Saturday. It was really fun for the girls to put on their poodle skirts for the "50's medley."


k8theriver said...

my sister in law has her masters in violin performance.
i feel like i should get chloe into it but i just don't know if i'm up for it.

Kristin said...

If your thinking about violin be ready for a serious commitment, timewise and financial. If I had know how much of a commitment it would have been I probaly would have chosen a different instrument but I am glad we have stuck with it. We're going on year 3 now and she has become quite the violinist.

Kirsten said...

No kidding! We are about to buy Blake her 5th violin! She started on a 1/32 when she was 3. At least you don't have to play the piano for all the recitals :)