Big Red is HOME!!!

And all is right again at the home of the Conk family. Daddy's truck is finally home. There has been an absence of sorts for a few weeks now. For those of you who didn't hear, Terry's truck was stolen on Sunday the 6th of April. We were in San Diego for a fun weekend and when we pulled up to our home we found a big hole where Big Red lives. It has been quite an ordeal but He is finally home and hopefully to stay. We think it was kids who stole it (probably in our neighborhood) because it had a bunch of stuff in it when it was found on the side of the road. Suffice it to say we are extremely happy and hope nothing happens to it ever again. By the way Dad thanks for the loaner car.

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Driver of the BRT said...

Rollin' large in the Navi was nice but I'm sure glad to have my pick em up truck back!! Alarm gets installed Monday!!!