I am so ridiculously behind on blogging so now that the kidlets are back in school I plan to get caught up!  So jump on board while we take a trip down memory lane!  

Remember way back in May when we had that solar eclipse?  Well we didn't manage to get any of those special glasses but thanks to the super dark window tinting on my car we just parked the car so we could watch through the back and side windows.  It was pretty awesome and I did manage to get a few shots though they are not the best. Times like this make me wish i had a really nice zoom lens! Maybe someday!

The light was so strange during the eclipse but i had some fun with it in my favorite red shoes!! 

It was a fun evening with the kids and the rest of the family too, we all stood outside taking turns with the binoculars, even Grandma and Grandpa Barney!  


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