52 | 2012 - Red, White & Blue

I had plans to post a lovely photo of the old stars and stripes from our recent 4th of July celebrations but I am living like a single mom right now missing my true love who is probably just living it up with his new pal, who just happens to be blue and white...add a red shirt and there you have it...
Red, White & Blue!

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Jean said...

that's how i was when my boyfriend was learning his guitar. . . now he's back into mixed martial arts. . . so happy for him but some days, i'm so lonely (rather bored). at least you have kids to accompany you. i have myself and i constantly find things to keep busy.... ;)

ZeldaMom said...

Perfect! Great pic.
Well, at least you could go listen, right? Maybe not?

Andrea said...

Love this. Love the perspective and the soft tones of the red, white and blue. Lovely. :)

Tracey said...

love guys that play guitars. :) I married one too.