4 year olds don't take naps.

Guess what I learned this week....4 year olds don't take naps, or at least they would like to think that they don't. I have shown her a thing or two about who is boss and that 4 year olds DO take naps since the birthday of my spunky little girl. We just had a little quick party at the house. Presents and a 6 layer rainbow cake made for a special day. The cake was delicious by the way, me and my girl Betty made a delightfully colorful tasty cake that please all in attendance!! Favorite presents were Magnetic alphabet, pompoms, stuffed puppy and a mini piano book. I am sad to say that though she is growing up faster than ever. And by my sheer persistence, will continue to take naps. I thought her being my last baby, I would be able to keep her small for longer but she proved me wrong with that one when she started walking at 8 months. She is super smart and fun but man does she have a strong personality, but then again, I don't know how to make kids with out STRONG personalities!! We love this big ol' 4 year old!


Jenn said...

She looks so sweet in her dress-up clothes!

Just have to say... that cake looks amazing. You can invite me over any day. :)

Melanie said...

Cute birthday girl! Awesome cake! I took naps until I was 5. I would even take one after AM kindergarten. Sadly none of my children followed suit.

Anonymous said...

That cake is AMAZING. You are amazing, too!! Happy birthday to you no-napping girl! ;)

Heidi said...

Naps? We had to take them away just after 2 (if we wanted to ever go to bed before midnight that is). Enjoy them! Can't believe she's so big!