What I want...in life

I have been pondering a lot lately on what I want most in life. You know, what is really most important and where should my time and efforts be spent. Steve Jobs said "your time is limited, don't waste it living someone else's life." I often compare myself to others. Their stations in life, their kids, their creativity levels, and all it does is make me depressed. I then saw this quote on Pinterest (such an inspirational place for wonderful words to live by)


So in my quest to decide what I want in life I have had to let go of all the comparisons I find myself making. So what do I want? I have and do give this so much though in my daily life. Especially since I have found myself in a position where we are basically starting over. The interesting thing is, I though that all I would want (especially after living in a 5th wheel travel trailer for the past 6 months) would be to build a big beautiful home. Now while that is still on my list it has really been dropped down the list quite a ways. So cut to the chase...what does Kristin want?

I want to follow the teachings and be a disciple of Jesus Christ
I want to teach my children to love the Lord and follow him as well
I want my children to know who they are and where they came from
I want to continue to nourish and strengthen my marriage
I want to build a family bond that will be unbreakable and more importantly impenetrable
I want to have happy kids
I want to have kids that love each other and are friends with each other and protect each other.
I want my kids to grow to be contributing members of society

While on our friday night date Terry and I were discussing common teenage problems and how we can avoid them. Lets face it the time is rapidly approaching when the outside world will be a big influence on my kids. As we talked about drugs and morality issues and how we can protect our kids I just said that I think if I desire it enough and make it a priority then those things will not be an issue with my kids. Terry just smiled and looked at me like I was completely nuts. They are kids with free agency and all we can do is teach them right and hope they make good choices. I would like to think the if I have enough faith and desire that the lord will protect my kids from the dangers of the outside world! Lets pray that keeping my priorities in order and my desires righteous that what I want will become a reality. Some days though, I just want a nap!

So what do you want?


Anonymous said...

I want coffee or a nap.

But aside from those things... I want the same things you do. A strong family. A strong spirit. To do good in this world. I love you Kristin and I love that you are so aware of your responsibility as mom, but are also wise enough to put your dependence on the outcome in God's hands. :)

Melanie said...

I love that quote! I used to think I could keep my kids from making mistakes and messing up, but I can't. Even God won't infringe upon their choices. However, I can teach my kids how to repent and get back on track. I can set the best example I am capable of. I can love them with all my heart even if they are on the wrong path. I get let them know that I will never, ever give up on them and neither will their Heavenly Father.

I guess that what I really want in life is for my family to come to Christ and be together in His presence. That's a lofty, very long term goal, but I'm working on it!

Heidi said...

I'm really guilty of comparing myself with others, and I ALWAYS fall short. But I loved what President Uchtdorf said in his "Forget Not" talk in RS meeting - he said how we are usually comparing our weaknesses to their strengths. I'm trying to remember that.....

Sara said...

I have been thinking a lot about envy lately, as it seems I do it A LOT. Love this post. Beautifully written.