Listography version1.0

My friend Mary, who just happens to be an amazing photographer, and all around AWESOME person does this really cool thing on her blog. She calls it listography. A series of lists. I like lists. I make them often. I find that if i wake up in the morning and write everything down that I need to get done, including showering and eating then I am so much more productive. In an effort to record random things about me and who I am that would never otherwise be recorded I will try to do a listography every so often. Today's list:Lists Here are some of the Lists I hope to make.

1. Movies I could watch over and over again
2. Life's best moments
3. What I don't want to forget about my kids when they were little
4. 10 wishes
5. 10 things every mom should know
6. What's in my purse
7. Quirks
8. What I love about being married
9. What I love about being a mom
10. Things I miss about living in a house
11. Favorite songs of all times
12. Places I want to travel
13. Places I have traveled
14. Favorite quotes
15. Pet Peeves
16. Things I fear
17. Things I'm not good at
18. Things I am good at
19. Top 10 books
20. Favorite photos of all time.

So there you have it, not that anyone really cares about this crap, but who knows someday maybe my kids or grandkids will. I mad add to the list as the inspiration strikes! And since i can't leave you without a photo I give you one from my latest attempt at a photo project...more on what the project is later!
This is what I did during General conference. It was fun! Thig smaller one is about the size of half a toothpick!

October 1, 2011     10:55am

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