My new BFF

I was going to blog about this in the "Seattle" post but decided it needed a post all it's own!! This is Michelle. Michelle and I met on the message board that I spoke of in the previous post. We then became Facebook friends and I knew I liked her right away, her wit and humor had me LOLing all the time. We began to follow each other on Pinterest (if you don't have any idea what that is let me know and I will inform you!!) and it became apparent to me that we had similar tastes and i "re-pinned" so many of her pins on pinterest that I knew we were destined to be BFF's. But the thing that sealed the deal was when she used the word discombobulated on Facebook. After a trial period in Seattle I was then approved to be the new BFF of Michelle!! We pondered the mysteries of life together, and even though out Jesus' are different it's ok, no one can break the bond of BFF's!!! Even though she has completely abandoned me and gone off the grid by deleting her Facebook account we will still be BFF's!!
♥ you Michelle


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Anonymous said...

Can I tell you that being off of Facebook and away from your witty status updates has me discombobulated, BFF? ;)

I love your dearly and am so happy we are IRL friends now!!! :D