Do you have a talent. I do, I have a few talents. Now most of the world may not look at my talents as "real" talents but I have some none the less. I have and uncanny knack for getting us seated by the kitchen at any restaurant I go to (you may have read that in my previous post) I also have a talent for putting off responsibilities until the last minute. I can break the record for longest length of time a load of laundry is left in the dryer. I have a talent for knowing everything (until I realize I am completely wrong and then the talent for backing up comes to play) But seriously, the Lord has blessed each and everyone of us on this earth with talents and it is our responsibility to share them with others not to hide them under a bushel, or something like that. My kids are so different, in every way, looks behavior and personality, their talents are all different too. I have one child who loves to share her talents and has no problem being the center of attention for her talents. I have another child who thinks it is a fate worse than death to have to share his talents. I would hope that my kids can see that the talents they have were giving to them by God for them to share with the world. I a lucky to be surrounded by talented people in my life that inspire me every day. What are your talents? do you share them?

(My mother and father in law have a talent for gardening, not only can they grow food they grow the most beautiful flowers to beautify the world)

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Heidi said...

You're not fooling me missy! I have some of your same talents (especially the laundry one) but you are very gifted in other areas! Your talents even made it into the Kitty Ward yearbook!