Thanksgiving '10

Thanksgiving this year will go down it history as the year of the most delicious turkey EVER!! We have been frying turkeys for the past few years but this year Brandon was in charge and he used some cajun injection on the fried turkey and it was so absolutely delicious I have been dreaming about it since that wonderful day. It was the coldest Thanksgiving in Las Vegas (well, Logandale...same diff right?) that I can ever remember. We froze unless we stayed in the house. it was cold and windy! We played quite a few games of the Monopoly card game, we had a blast!! Family is the best! If they aren't pictured they either hide from the camera or were too spaztastic to hold still for a picture!


Melanie said...

I have never tasted a fried turkey. It sounds like I am missing out!

lisaconk said...

i'm so glad you are documenting things because i have been so horrible. it was a fun thanksgiving!!