Swim Night

As a bribe to get my kids to cooperate yesterday I tempted them with the chance to go over to Grandie and Gramps' to swim. They quickly jumped in line and took care of their responsibilities!! Bonnie warmed up quickly to the pool, she doesn't usually like to swim but she was loving it last night. She would stand up on the ledge and Jump to her daddy!. Colby is really getting the hang of swimming without floaties. Brett and Sam had fun jumping onto the rafts from the ledge and Terry made the biggest splash EVER!! Fun night all in all!!


Janae said...

Great photos! That is one major thing i miss about Vegas is all the swimming my kiddos are missing out on!

Kirsten said...

So, I totally got kicked off Facebook!!! Not quite sure why. I posted a link to my blog the other day. Maybe that's it. I'm waiting to hear back from them. I didn't even get a warning. Whatever. Lunch sounds great. I'm up for dumping the kids and going out, or your house. I'll even offer swimming at my house if anyone is interested. I'm free on Thursday, anytime.

Becky said...

fun shots!!!!!!!