For Family Home Evening we took the kids to dinner and did a little photo shoot at this location i scouted out for some upcoming sessions. This place is the coolest place to take pictures. I have decided that i will no longer try to that their pictures, I'll just hire someone else to do it, they don't like me and won't cooperate! PUNKS!
For the lesson during dinner Dad laid down the law for some rules in the house that have been completely disregarded lately. We'll see if it make a difference. After we were done with dinner we got ice cream which Sam promptly threw up because Brett spun her to fast on the playground equipment, thank heaven for target bags left in the car! All in all it was a good time!
*FYI I have 1 more session to book at my special rate*






Heather said...

I want your last spot for a family session :)
I'm running over to shoot you an email on your website.
Congrats, BTW, it all looks wonderful!

Janae said...

Sorry the kids were were in a punk mood...but, the pictures looks awesome:)
have you read the book "family rules" I highly recommend it:)

Ber said...

You have such gorgeous kids!! Now that we're stationed at Nellis for the next 3 years, we'll have to hire ya to take a family pic for us before we leave!! They're always so beautiful and it would be fun to see you after all these years! :)