OK, so like forever ago I decided i wanted to join in to this SPT...Self Portrait Tuesday, that I have seen a lot of photographer mom's do. As a photographer and a mom, I never ever get out from behind the camera so I wan to at least once a month set the ol camera to self timer and shoot, so my kids will remember what I looked like when I was a young mom. If I can stick with this for the next 8 months, next January I will make a theme our of it...HMMM Fun! This is also to redeem myself from that hideous picture with my crocheted dress. And as far as the funny socks go, they are just me OK! I saw them at the store and they spoke to me!


k8theriver said...

cute. good idea. i have very few pictures of me that i like. you should also make an effort to get shots with your husband and as a complete family. i don't have too many of those either.

Sara said...

You look beautiful. Like you haven't changed a bit since high school!!!! :D

Kirsten said...

Hey! I just read Heather's blog and she said you guys went out to take some pics at Town Square together! I think I was telling you about Heather. She is a friend of mine and Brooklyn's Pre-school teacher. ANyway, I can't wait to see your pics from that shoot! BTW I love your socks!