Magical Forrest

In the midst of all the crazy holiday things we had the opportunity to go to "The Magical Forrest" at Opportunity Village for a field trip with Colby's pre-school. It was a really fun day. These pics are kinda snapshotty but you can see a bit of the fun we had. I didn't get any good pictures of the train which was a lot of fun.

We rode the Carousel

The kids loved the giant slide. We had to do this one twice, I am now Rosie's favorite because I took her on the slide again!

I thought this reindeer was too cute.

And of coarse we sat on Santa's lap. Bonnie screamed her head off when we got close so only Colby sat on Santa.

A great day at Opportunity village!
Later that evening we went back to the Magical Forrest for Samantha's dance performance.(No pics and video was terrible) It was way cooler going through the "Forrest" when it was all lit up with lights. If you get a chance go check it out!!


slimnsom said...

I haven't seen your sister in forever! So good to see her face!


Melanie said...

Oh, what a fun day with the cousins! I wish we had a magical forest nearby.

Katie Morgan said...

What is your sister up to these days?? She still looks the same! I hope we get a chance to go to Opportunity village when we get to Vegas! Parker LOVES Thomas the train. I think he go crazy over the train there. I'd love to get together when we get settled into our appartment...after the holidays. Hope all is well!

Staci Leach said...

You've gotta send me copy of those pics! I love the on eof the Babies on the Carousel! And the slide that shows both kids sideways!

LaRae said...

Thanks for the new word - "snapshotty"! I love the magical forest but haven't been a few years - we need to go again!