Cousins Camp

Cousins Camp was a big hit again this year. I thought we were fortunate last year to have all the cousins but this year everyone made it a point to be there. The babies were bigger, Kirsta and Maddie are no longer blondes, and once again Chase made a mess with frosting. We started camp off by taking the gifts we bought for needy families to them and that was neat. Then it was pizza, pictures, cookie decorating, a story by Grandie which all the kids sat still for amazingly. And then we played the chimes with no help from the MEN!!! Needless to say they made it not a fun chime time! The t-shirts made by yours truly were a bit of a nightmare (never buy red t-shirts from jo-anns) but in spite of that they were really cute. The kids looked great in them.

"Now give me some friggin pudding!"

A great time was had by all.

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Staci Leach said...

I can't get over the pic of the three babies!