My ABC's of Christmas

As Terry has been away for the last 8 days I decided to take advantage of my "stuck at homeness because I'm not taking 4 kids anywhere by myself" So I got out all of the Christmas stuff. My dear brother came to get a haircut and told me they just got a new tree and I quickly asked if I could have the old one. He promptly called his wife and brought it over later that afternoon. We have always been pro-life trees!! But I really wanted to get my house decorated and real trees in Las Vegas don't work unless you wait until about 2 weeks before Christmas. I really wanted my house decorated because it is so empty and devoid of furniture and little snowmen and stockings fill up the space nicely. But I digress...So I was able to get everything set up and took a few pictures this morning. I wanted to make an ABC book with my holiday photos, we'll see if I can come up with and X and Z Christmas thing!! Any ideas, leave me a comment! But here is my beginning...
I may change this one to {D}ishes so I can use {P} for presents






I hope you all get out your Holiday decorations soon because It has made me so happy and so excited for Christmas, Remember we only have 25 more days, which reminds me, I better get wrapping on the kids advent calender, It starts tomorrow. That one will be {A} by the way I get a picture after all the gifts are in it!!
Happy December


Melanie said...

I love your ABC's of Christmas! We've been getting decorated this weekend too. Isn't Christmas wonderful?!

Janae said...

Kristin~ beautiful photos! I really love the idea of the Christmas ABC's:)

Marianne said...

I love all of you decorations and your ABC scrapbook so far! If you are still looking for ideas i have one for the letter N. You could do "Nativity" or "Nutcracker".

David, Heidi, & Gabby said...

Sorry I didn't leave a comment earlier -- I smiled when I read your next post -- because I was coming on tonight to do just that -- leave some comments on several blogs I've loved reading the last week (and haven't taken time to say anything)!

All of your photos are beautiful -- I need to come see your new house all decked out for Christmas! We miss you guys.

Jenny said...

Really...I'm not just posting because of your contest. I think your ABC's of Christmas is a cute idea and your pictures are always awesome. I think your village is cute too! ;)