Halloween @ Dumont

*Prepare for photo overload*
I am trying to document my family life through this blog and since I haven't scrapbooked in like 3 years I am documenting with photos on this blog that will someday become a blurb book. But I digress. We had a great weekend at the dunes this holiday weekend. We carved pumpkins, ate chili, and trick-or-treated. Aunt Shell did crafts with the kids, Aunt Shannon and Aunt Sheri had fun and games, and Aunt Jamie and I made buckets (sand bucket that is, complete with shovel) full of candy.

"Doughnuts on a String"
50's Girl, Red Power Ranger and a Dead 10 Year old.

We took our boxes from the move for the kids to build a fort. They had minutes of fun in it!!

And since I didn't get any pictures of Bonnie in her costume (because I never put her in it, ornery baby) Here is a fun one after Uncle Mitch did her hair. Love those big blue eyes!

Please don't judge me for the haphazard attire my children are donning. I know we all look like "trailer trash" but hey when in Rome!!


Shannon said...

Love the pictures! I have camera envy...

Kristy said...

Looks like a memorable Halloween! I love the naked pictures of the baby not wearing her costume! They hate those bulky adorable costumes!

Staci Leach said...

I love Colby's face while he is pulling the insides out of the pumpkin! That must have been fun. I had to fake that shot with the girls. Hand just inside but not touching anything.