My 7 Million Dollar Home!

OK so you probably figured our that I wasn't talking about our new house. But I am talking about my new "Crumpler" camera bag. After shopping around for weeks I finally settled on the "7 Million Dollar Home" for my new baby. It is a great shade of bluish purple with orange interrior. It was all thanks to Terry and Becky for my birthday!! Thanks to the greatest in-laws a girl could have!!
Thanks to Lisa and Brandon for the robe and THANKS ALOT (note sarcasm) for the chocolates. I guess they didn't read about my DIET!! I also wanted to say thanks to Michelle and Mike for the B-B & Beyond gift card. I spent it today on my new bedding. I can't wait to sleep in my new 660 thread count sheets!! It has turned out to be one heck of a birthday this year!!


TK said...

That's not my bag baby...!

Lisa said...

Sorry about that...I got them before I knew. Just save them for those 'bad' days.

Blog Dog said...

I'm happy that you like the crib for the baby We shopped long and hard for it. Chocolates can be good if they don't get in your mouth to much.