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So I know there isn't many readers left on this here old blog but bear with me for a while, those of you who are left!

I am taking an adult religion class this year and our course of study is The Doctrine and Covenants. This weeks lesson focuses on Joseph Smith's History. The reading I completed today was the account of the first vision. At the end of the lesson it challenges us to look for opportunities for us to share it with others and since I don't have much of an opportunity of sharing with others not of my faith I decided that this could be a good platform to reach others who may not know much about the gospel.

Joseph Smith at a young age of 14 years old, sought to know what church, of the many in his community, to join. He attended many but never feeling a confirming sense that any of them were the right one, he turned to the scriptures. He read in James 1:5 the words "If any of ye lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." So he then decided to seek answers for Father in Heaven. He found a quiet grove to kneel in prayer and though having never prayed audibly before he prayed fervently to know what church he should join. As he prayed he was visited by to Heavenly beings. One spoke and said "This is my by beloved son, hear Him" it was revealed to him by Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father that he should join none of the churches. He was met with a lot of opposition from that time forward.

In our study a story was shared that just helped me to know that we must have courage to share our testimonies of the teachings of Jesus Christ. It reads...

President Thomas S. Monson, who served as a mission president in Canada, shared the following experience of two of his missionaries:
“The two [missionaries] called at the home of Mr. Elmer Pollard, and he, feeling sympathy for the almost frozen missionaries, invited them in. They presented their message and asked if he would join in prayer. He agreed, on the provision that he could offer the prayer.
“The prayer he offered astonished the missionaries. He said, ‘Heavenly Father, bless these two unfortunate, misguided missionaries, that they may return to their homes and not waste their time telling the people of Canada about a message which is so fantastic and about which they know so little.’
“As they arose from their knees, Mr. Pollard asked the missionaries never to return to his home. As they left, he said mockingly to them, ‘You can’t tell me you really believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, anyway!’ and he slammed the door” (“The Prophet Joseph Smith: Teacher by Example,” Ensign, Nov. 2005, 69).

“The missionaries had walked but a short distance when the junior companion said timidly, ‘Elder, we didn’t answer Mr. Pollard.’
“The senior companion responded: ‘We’ve been rejected. Let’s move on.’
“The young missionary persisted, however, and the two returned to Mr. Pollard’s door. Mr. Pollard answered the knock and angrily said, ‘I thought I told you young men never to return!’
“The junior companion then said, with all the courage he could muster, ‘Mr. Pollard, when we left your door, you said that we didn’t really believe Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I want to testify to you, Mr. Pollard, that I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, that by inspiration he translated the sacred record known as the Book of Mormon, that he did see God the Father and Jesus the Son.’ The missionaries then departed the doorstep.
“[Mr. Pollard later testified:] ‘That evening, sleep would not come. I tossed and turned. Over and over in my mind I heard the words, “Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I know it. … I know it. … I know it.” I could scarcely wait for morning to come. I telephoned the missionaries, using their number which was printed on the small card containing the Articles of Faith. They returned, and this time my wife, my family, and I joined in the discussion as earnest seekers of truth. As a result, we have all embraced the gospel of Jesus Christ.’”
If these wonderful young men, had not had the courage to turn back to The Pollard home they would not have had the opportunity to share the Gospel with this family. I'm sure the generations to come would be wonderful members of the Gospel and have the truth, that those young missionaries had the courage to share.  
I know and have known that Joseph Smith was a true prophet. That he was chosen to come forth in this dispensation to restore the gospel to the earth, that we may have all the Keys of the priesthood here on the earth to be able to have the power of God with us is such a perilous time. What a blessing it is to know of Heavenly Fathers Great Plan of Happiness and that I can be with my family for eternity.  (you should totally click on that link and check it out!)
I would encourage any of you who have ever wondered about the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, or even if you feel as Mr. Pollard, that I am unfortunate and misguided, do as it says in the Book of James, "Ask of God" The Lord through the spirit of God will reveal to you answers! 
If you made it to the end of this, thank you, I am working on another post with actual pictures so stay tuned! I appreciate having a platform to be heard. 

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