Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Sometime in the past 2 or 3 weeks a must have been really busy because I missed the alien abduction of my 15 year old son.  In his place was put a moody, sullen, ornery, disrespectful punk.  He has always been quick to help and one of my more loving children.  I frequently hear words like
"Get out of my room"
"You're so stupid"
"You don't know what you are talking about"

and my very favorite...

"You're so annoying"

So as I am trying to muddle through these turbulous (is that a word? it should be, it means bumpy and scary and hard, like a different form of turbulent) now where was I, oh yeah, as I muddle through the turbulous years I pray that I may have the patience and love so as to not cause bodily harm to this kid. His words do hurt me, but he knows that and that is why he is using them. I know that somewhere deep, below his pimpled hairy body, he has a heart that loves his momma.  I just hope them aliens bring my sweet boy back and soon.  

P.S. He is totally going to kill me someday when he realizes that I air all our dirty laundry on my blog! 


Shari said...

I can TOTALLY relate! We have a sixteen year old boy. He is slowly getting better though (knock on wood). Fourteen & Fifteen were awful! I am just praying my 13 year old isn't quite as turbulent when he hits those ages! I am TOTALLY dreading my 10 year old GIRL when she hits it. All those hormones AND the girl drama... Oh goodness. I better get some meds for me! ;-)

Melanie said...

Been there and it is pretty awful. My advice: Look at his baby/childhood pictures often and remember how sweet he was. Keep in mind that someday he will be sweet again and will be the father of your adorable grandchildren. You will survive!