Cheer Camp

Moapa Valley Highschool cheerleaders do a fundraiser each summer before school starts where they invite girls from the area to come participate in a cheer camp.  They teach girls from age 3-14 cheers and dances.  Bonnie and Sam were excited to be a part of it.  Though it may not look it from the pictures directly below Bonnie was all excited to be a cheerleader!  She took some time to warm up each morning  after we dropped her off but once she got into is she loved every minute of it!  The third day of the camp the girls wore their Jr. Pirates t-shirts and practiced for a performance at the end of the day.  I spent most of the morning there taking over 300 pictures of the cute girls who participated!
Samantha's middle school cheer squad was encouraged to be a part and they even had their own group.    The dance was pretty difficult but they pulled it off with a lot of hard work!

Once Austyn came to tell Bonnie they were going to do some stunting she got all excited!


And look at her go!!

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Anonymous said...

Adorable! I remember when my Natalie used to go to the local H.S.'s Cheer Camp. :)

Your girls are so cute. :)