Has it really been a month since I last blogged!! This is for you my dear Maddie who had "gently" urged me to get back on the wagon and update this thing. So as you all see I completely blew the whole picture a day for all of November. I just look at it as a trial run for next year, I am working on a project with my photo peeps. It's a photo a day for the whole year. It is a big undertaking but I hope to do it to really capture our life through pictures.
WAAAYYY back in November we had a little recital at our home for our kids to show off their mad skills to all the fam!! They all worked really hard to be ready to play and they all did amazing, I would have a video but my video turned out really dark (i should have shot in night vision, that wouldn't have been to freaky would it?) Anyway we had a great dinner followed by beautiful music.

We spent Thanksgiving it Oregon and I took a total of 5 pictures (not including the family pictures I took) and here they are.

I did do family shoots for my big brothers and their families, and I must say that it is unreal the amount of attractiveness we have in this family!!

When taking the Mitch fam pictures he kept making faces and I told him that if he kept it up they would make it on my blog, so there you go dude!!

I also managed to snap a few of my own kiddos for our Christmas cards!! If you haven't got yours yet leave me your address and I'll drop it in the mail!!

Thanks to Shannon for helping out to get one with all of us!!

So there you have it, a some what of an update though it doesn't even touch all of the things we have been up to for the last month, Maybe I'll blog the rest next month!!

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Heidi said...

Great to read your update. I'm pathetic at it too -- though I have lots of plans in my mind and pictures on my computer. Must do that.

How is it going in the big girl bed? We're struggling but I guess it needs to be done sometime (and she's definitely not safe when jumping out of the crib!)

Miss you.