5 Days and 1 Lousy Picture

I can always tell how good of a time we have had on a trip by how many pictures I have taken. oddly enough the more fun we have the less pictures I take. we had a great trip to Dumont this past week. With the exception of breaking down on the way home and having to squeeze in with Brandon and his family just to get back to Vegas.( Oh and Bonnie got into some hot embers and burned her hand pretty badly) We played games and visited a lot. We had a small group with us this trip out.We were missing the rest of our "regulars" this trip due to having to work! Just us and my 3 older brothers and their families. (and 3 extras Brandon brought) We were greatly out numbered adults to kids were 8:20. They had a fabulous time digging holes, ridin and sledding behind the 4 wheelers (maybe I'll get a picture of that next trip.) We had some delicious food. Terry and I made teriyaki steak and we finished off all 27 steaks. We had pizza and enchiladas, chili and burgers with homemade fries. And dessert EVERY night. I think I gained 4 pounds this trip. A grand time was had by all.

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