Happy Birthday, Rosie & Taylar!

Staci and Tony had a really fun BBQ last night for the girls Birthday and I got some really fun shots at the party!! Most of them were pretty dark, )Still trying to figure out low light photography with out a flash!) I sent all of the "Birthday" pictures over to Staci, I figured she shoud get to put them on her blog. Check her blog for some fun B-day Pics.
This is the gorgeous Miss Kirsta. I can't believe she is already leaving for college
in a couple days!! She has grown up so fast. But she grew up a wonderful girl.
(her parents can attest to that!)

Here is the goofy "Miss Austyn" who has also grown up way too fast! I remember when she was a permanent fixture in my back seat in high school. I even had a car seat for her!! She always keeps the party interesting. Tony pointed out last night, we can always count on Austyn being the one with 5 tubes or 3 life jackets or all of the ribbons and wrapping paper on her!!

This was a very tender moment I was trying to catch between Gerry and Nathan but the jerk MITCHOLE, I mean Mitchell RUINED!! On purpose none the less. Gerry offered to repose for the picture but I said no, because it would look forced and not authentic!!

MITCHOLE!!! And Gerry TOO!!

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Anonymous said...

That was so fun. I love being a Mitchole.