Blessing Day for Bonnie Rose Conk

Bonnie was blessed today by her dad and what a wonderful blessing it was. Most of my family was able to be there with the exception of Mitch & Shannon who are stuck in Oregon with no power!!! Grammy and Dick came down and we were so pleased they were here for Bonnie to get her blessing. As most of you know Bonnie is named after Gram and Terry's Grandma Rose Evelyn. Even though Grandma Evie wasn't here physically she was here in spirit.
Terry & Becky also came from Logandale with Grandma and Grandpa Barney, I love how they fight over who gets to hold her!! Thans to everybody who came to give your love and support.

It was also neat to have this 4 generation pictue with my girls!!


Kerry Hogle said...

So glad i know your blog now and can keep up with the family. How is everyone? Your family looks great, and you have 4 kids! Wow! Congrats! Bonnie is a cutie.

redrocket said...

you better mention bid dog.he has his feelings hurt.