7 More Days

We are scheduled for a C-Section on October 25th. At my last doctors appointment I was dilated to 3 cm. which doesn't really mean a whole lot for me usually but Sam was born 2 weeks early when I was dilated to a 2-3. I am just hoping that all these contractions mean something. This baby seems to be big to me anyways. I am getting really uncomfortable and can't wait to hold her.

For those of you who haven't heard we have decided on a name. After months of indecision we have finally agreed that she will be named after My Grammy Bonnie and her middle name will be Rose after Terry's grandmother and sister. So Bonnie Rose Conk will be her name. I am truly excited to give this baby a name that means so much and is after people we love and mean so much to us all.

Well in preparation for Bonnie's arrival, while Terry was on his fishing trip I kinda killed myself redecorating Sam's room to make room for the baby. I repainted and replace fabric on the padded chair rail in there. I ordered bedding for Sam and Bonnie (The baby's isn't here yet but Sam's is all set up). Here is a picture of Sam's new bed and room. Sam is really excited about sharing with her new little sister.

I have also been busy putting together a little scrapbook for the baby to take with me to the hospital so I can fill it out while things are still fresh in my mind. I also made a page for people who come to visit me at the hospital to write a little note to the baby for her to keep and read someday to see how much she is loved. So if you come to see us in the hospital please if I don't ask you remind me to get this little book out and have you sign it.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog babe!!!! XOXOOOXOOXOX

Terry said...

Nice blog babe!!!!! XOXOOOXOOXOX

Kelli Hougland said...

Kristin, You have way too much time on your hands. Your lucky to have that nesting thing going on, I never experienced it. I totally love the name. It flows very nicely. I am excited for you!!!

GGZOBZ said...

You should call this:


Just kidding, its very nicely done.


Anonymous said...

Kristin & Bonnie -
I was checking my mom's e-mails and found this! I read it and thoughtto myself,is this REALLY my cousin? Well, I really look forward to seeing your new, "family pack" soon!

Anonymous said...

She is just beautiful! And her name especially middle name is just beautiful like her! I want to suck her cheeks off! And Kristin, you kill me with the lipstick on in surgery! NICE! Michelle